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Mind, body and soul


Stress is a part of life, it's true. Bad relationships with your family, the upcoming exams and even fighting with your friends can all make you feel anxious and unable to cope. The trick is not necessarily to get rid of our stress but to manage them well.

Here are some tips to help:
Breathe in deeply - by sitting quietly for a few minutes and concentrating on slow, deep breaths and long exhalations you can start to feel more grounded, calmer and you can get a better perspective on whatever it is that's troubling you.

Speak up - talking about your feelings, your concerns and your fears to friends, a teacher, family members or a counsellor can ease your load evenif they may not be able to solve your problems for you.


Exercise - Go for a brisk walk or a run and remember to stretch your muscles. Exercise gets endorphins, the feel-good hormones, pumping through your body.

Water - Aim to drink between six and eight glasses of water a day because it is essential to regulate metabolism and flush toxins from the body. It also keeps your joints, organs (and your brain is one!) and tissues in good shape. Graze – Studying is taxing on the brain so remember to fuel up. Feast on nuts, tinned fish, fruits and veg. They pack a nutritional punch!


Think positive thoughts - Remind yourself about the lessons to be learnt from tough situations. Look for the good even as you acknowledge that the journey isn't easy. Also be realistic about what you expect from yourself and from those around you.

Do something different - Make time to be creative by drawing a picture, writing a poem or making something out of innovative recycling.

Go natural - Nature is a miracle cure. Get up early enough to watch a sunrise, stop to look at a flowerbed and yes, even go ahead and hug a tree.

Help others - volunteering and helping others who have a greater need than you do, will remind you that you are not alone even when it feels like no one understands.

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